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Can someone explain the following code? I need to learn what each part means so I can turn it into enemy movement in a space shoot-em-up

Vec2d playerPos;
Vec2d direction; // always normalized
float velocity;

I get the above is naming two 2d Vector objects, and creating a variable called velocity. I'm not sure what the normalized comment is about, though.

   direction = normalize(playerPos - enemyPos);
   playerPos = playerPos + direction * velocity;
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Have a look at this answer to a previous question. – brice Jun 23 '12 at 21:13
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You should read this tutorial on vectors for game developers at Wolfire: Linear Algebra for Game Developers Part 1 / Part 2

A vector can be seen as pointing to a specific coordinate. It can also be seen as having a direction and a magnitude (or length).

A normalized vector is one that has a magnitude (or length) of exactly 1. Normalizing a vector produces a vector pointing in exactly the same direction, with a length of exactly 1.

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