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I have 2 coordinates (X,Y). I have also a 10x10 array. By these coordinates I have to find the rectangle in which is my pointer at the moment. How could I handle it?

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This isn't stated clearly. Where did the pointer come into it? You already have two coordinates and you can calculate a rectangle from that. – doppelgreener May 19 '12 at 8:38
Since he mentioned a 10x10 array and the rectangle in which the pointer is in I guess he might be talking about having a tile grid on screen and figuring out which tile is under the mouse pointer. But yeah the question is very unclear, and we could use more information such as, where does the grid start. – David Gouveia May 19 '12 at 8:52

If your grid array is displayed as a Rectangle(ox,oy, 10*CELL_SIZE, 10*CELL_SIZE), where (ox,oy) is an offset...

then the cell coords are

  xCell = (x-ox)/CELL_SIZE;
  yCell = (y-oy)/CELL_SIZE;

of course you should check the coords are in right range (0..9,0..9)

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