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What are some good resources (tutorials, code, papers, etc.) for learning about voxel rendering?

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I recently did some experimentation with voxels for rendering terrain, with support for overhangs. I pretty much used these articles to build my prototype:

Something to look out for, I could never get normal generation to work correctly once I had generated a mesh from my voxels. If anyone can give any pointers for this, I'd be grateful.

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Here is a 10 year old tutorial that goes pretty deep into Voxel rendering as a technology. It's still a good read.

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This paper by Jon Olick is pretty interesting:

And those two forum threads about it:


It gives you a nice overview about how things could be done in a modern voxel engine.

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Check this Stackoverflow post for links to Voxel libraries:

I'm also developing a renderer based on voxel raycasting:

I developed an out-of-core voxelizer and SVO builder and published paper and code here:

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I work on an open-source voxel library called PolyVox which has some good documentation for the technology. Also linked at the bottom of our documentation page is a chapter of 'Game Engine Gems Volume 1' on volumetric representations in games via Google Books.

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