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My speculation is that sprites can be generated rather painlessly from good 3D Blender models either to 2D or 3D. I am skeptical to sprites generated other ways because I like the ability to do changes later and the indifference between 2D and 3D, now changing a massive amount of PNG files by hand does not sound very smart (or better sounds very time-consuming in comparison to Blender-generated sprites). You can find here a Sonic in Blender-generated animation, now a 3D-game-assimilator needs to manage the camera (adjust positions, make it for shoots, etc).

Now I warmed up this q with the discussion here with helper questions below, to reveal my amateurship around this area.

1. is there some Dimension requirements for sprites? 
2. alpha-channeled? 
3. is there any specification for sprites?
4. what kind of borders should sprites have? Any margin between pics? 
5. Which colors to avoid in sprites? 
6. Is there some open-source tools tailored for sprites-generation? 
7. am I good to go with brute-force with Gimp/InkScape/Blender/Imagemagick -combo?

So how are sprites really generated? With Blender in combinations with some *ix tools? By which tools if not with them? How do you maintain/process the sprites over time?

Perhaps useful

  1. Blender-Creating Sprite Sheets -video here

  2. Blender Game Engine Tutorial - 2D Sprites here

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I think I am in a way answering my own main point about Blender use with the videos, yes, Blender seems to have functionality called sprites. Well, it is still open how to process the sprites so I will leave it for this thread to get more detailed. – user6365 May 14 '12 at 20:59