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I am really new XNA programming, and i am having a big problem. I have a Vector2, spritePosistion, that controls what position the sprite is at, now i want to move it by 1, every time that a player hits the w button, it is having a problem 1 being and int and spritePosistion being a Vector2. So am i doing it wrong or is there a way of getting these things to work together. Here is the code

if (Keyboard.GetState().IsKeyDown(Keys.W))
    // This is the problem 
    spritePosition += 1;
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You need to study vectors. – doppelgreener May 12 '12 at 22:01

It depends, you're being awfully vague in your question. For instance, in which direction do you want to move? A few examples...

  • Right spritePosition.X += 1

  • Left spritePosition.X -= 1

  • Down spritePosition.Y += 1

  • Up spritePosition.Y -= 1

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You said you want to "move the sprite by one" - but in which direction? Try

spritePosition.X += 1;


spritePosition.Y += 1;

for X or Y movement.

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