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I have 2 CCSprites and I want to tell if their x and y are equal I tried this:

if(sam.position.x == tom.position.x && sam.position.y == tom.position.y){

Although I do not think this is the right way to do this. Could anyone help me?


ALSO The CCSprites are named sam and tom.

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That works, but might cause problems because of floats. It would be better to factor in some margin of error.. maybe half a screen-point... that would then look like this

if(fabsf(sam.position.x - tom.position.x) < 0.5f && fabsf(sam.position.y - tom.position.y) < 0.5f)

Of course you can change the "threshold/accuracy" by increasing or decreasing the 0.5f value.

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