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Hi I've made a small game for iPhone that I also want to run on Android but I'm having problems setting up Cocos2D-X for Android.

I've downloaded and installed Android SDK and NDK (under my "/Users/username/Android").

Installed all necessary packages under SDK and created an Emulator. Copied Cocos2D-x under "/Users/username/cocos2dx".

Installed Eclipse IDE with ADT Plugin.

Opened "Users/username/cocos2dx/tests/" and changed "NDK_ROOT_LOCAL=/Users/username/Android/android-ndk", "COCOS2DX_ROOT_LOCAL=/Users/username/cocos2dx" to the values shown.

On running the script using Terminal it compiles test project. What's next?

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The steps are as follows:

  • Generate the project for Android using cocos2d-x template

  • Add project to NVPack's Eclipse

  • Fix make files, IDE configuration and whatnots

  • Compile the libraries with Cygwin and script, they will be automatically added to the obj folder of the project

  • Execute/debug like an Android application

Those are the windows steps, I am not sure about the iOs part but it shouldn't be much different.

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Got it working thanks. – 2600th May 8 '12 at 6:42

Here's a tutorial on creating a Cocos2d-X meta-project for multiple platforms.

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