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One of my favorite games is the old Avalon Hill class, PanzerBlitz.

I would like to implement it electronically, and have a couple questions related to that:

  1. Would I be in legal trouble if I do this? (note - this is not for sale or distribution)
  2. How would I go about implementing the hex grid and piece database most effectively (each piece has a variety of 'factors' (movement, carryability, attack, defense, unit type)?

The game play and mechanics are already well-defined in the written rules - so I'm not writing the game from scratch - just programming it to follow the board game.

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These two questions are on completely different topics, so should be separate questions. – Tetrad May 1 '12 at 18:50

For question 1, see How closely can a game resemble another game without legal problems

For question 2, you might find some past questions tagged with Hexagon useful. It's not clear whether you have referenced them yet. See

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Even if you can make a similar game, do not use the name, their assets(images++) or copy anything else directly without their approval.

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