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I'm developing a top-down shooter with multiple levels (ground for ground units, middle level for buildings, top level for air unity).

The problem is the collision. Though I can make the collider box of a bullet be long enough to reach the ground (and collide with it), the real issue is optical.

When the bullet is fired from a aircraft and collides with some object on the ground (building, ground unit) it will be optically offset due to the perspective camera, because it looks like the shot "by-passed" the target as seen below

top down shooter graphical issue

Is there any way to make the bullets collide perspectively correct? I'm using Unity3d Engine and it offers only simple colliders (box, sphere, cylinder, mesh and wheel), though I don't think a cone-formed collider would solve this issue.

I'd need a (cheap) way to check if it's overlapping a destructible object? I thought of casting a ray from the camera through the bullet and if it hits something destructible, trigger an action, but that's quite punctual and maybe to performance heavy on certain number of bullets

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You could try doing collisions in screen space. This way ground objects can be hit as well as flying objetcs without bullet knowing which one you wanted to shoot. – zzandy Jun 22 '12 at 15:08
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I've solved it by putting the projectile collider in a child object and rotate it towards the camera.

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