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I have a school project to create a game develop in c#.. I know all Basic of OOP and c#. I don't know where to start?..

Suggestion will appreciated Thank you

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With a question this broad the best answer anyone can give you is:… – dennmat Apr 25 '12 at 17:20
@dennmat It may be a bit broad but so far I think it has produced two questions with some useful information in it :) – James Apr 25 '12 at 17:47
These kinds of questions aren't good fits for the Q&A site format. Feel free to take these questions to the chat once you reach enough reputation, though. – Tetrad Apr 25 '12 at 20:31

The best suggestion I can give you, and the one I passed out while tutoring many people, is do not sit down and start to program an entire game. It always seems a bit daunting and flusters people into wasting their time.

My suggestion is to pick your overall game, and then make something in it.. The easiest example I can give you goes like this for the game Frogger.

  • Make A Frog
  • Make the frog move around the screen
  • Make a car
  • Make the car move around on its own in a set pattern
  • Add in collision between the car and the frog
  • Use the collision to detect when a frog reaches the other side of the board
  • Add death tiles where the frog can not go using the collision as well
  • Add in the logs that the frog can jump on that move in the death tiles
  • Create new vehicles and add them to the cars.
  • Create a randomly spawning fly and detect when you pick it up.
  • Add in an action tracking system. Notably this would be used for a scoring mechanism, but if you are bored you could also use it for replays if you store what you track.

And I think that gets the general idea.. At the end you will come up with a game. The trick is to keep the set of tasks small.. The person I walked through this setup with went from thinking making a game impossible to having most of the above done in around 4-6 hours of work.. and actually produced a very amusing version of Frogger :)

Hope this helps.

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Lookup tutorials on They have whole games with source code there, but all you need for games like snake is how to draw a texture on specific place and how to handle input.

For a snake

  1. So i would suggest you to create a texture (an image) of one body part of a snake and find a way to display it. (Using Content pipeline, ContentnManager.Load and SpriteBatch.Draw)
  2. Find out how to handle when someone presses keyboard and when he does move that body part and display it on next location (using Keyboard.GetState())
  3. Make moving of that body part automatical, and with keypress just change direction (using Update method on Game1 class)
  4. Draw other things like food
  5. Find out how to handle collisions of snake and food (using Rectangle class and Intersects method)
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