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I've been trying to use a virtual screen size for my libgdx desktop-android game. I'd like to always use a 16:9 aspect ratio but with a virtual screen size so everything would adapt automatically depending on the device size.

This post illustrates the process pretty well but my game crashes when camera.apply(Gdx.Gl10) is called. This is because I'm using GLES 2.0 (for not having to use multiple of 2 texture sizes). As stated in the OrthographicCamera doc, the apply method only works with GLES 1 and GLES 1.1.

Is there another way of applying my GL transformation to the camera so I can use a virtual screen resolution? Having to resize everything manually it's a total pain.

Thanks a lot.

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Answer at here:

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-1, While this might help the asker, you should at least copy the relevant parts of the link in case that site goes down in the future. – Tetrad Apr 16 '12 at 7:33

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