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The problem: I am taking an existing, 5 year old, html based MMORTS game and "HTML5-ing" it, "AJAX-ing" it and most importantly, optimizing for mobile devices like iPhone, android etc. For these devices, the application will be packaged as a downloadable app that is a wrapper for a browser which actually shows the game..

The Question Looking for a good book, or books, or in-depth articles that would help me learn:

  1. what tools I have in iOS, andriod applications for optimizing an html based game. things like caching of images, etc
  2. what kind of connectivity, or interactivity I can expect between the html/javascript pages and the wrapper - can I play sounds in the wrapper by triggering them from javascript? etc
  3. tip and tricks to optimize html/html5 & Javascript application to run well on mobile devices
  4. ETC :)

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!

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I've not read or purchased it but this book (and the Impact framework) seem to be getting some positive feedback.

Introducing HTML5 Game Development - By Jesse Freeman

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thanks! look take a look – Greg Bala Apr 20 '12 at 19:24
It looks good enuf but it uses impactJS which is a commercial js library... – dotNetSoldier Jun 23 '13 at 19:53

I will share some of my findings if anyone is interested:

HTML5 mobile app development video - great intro to general html5 mobile dev. Basic but good start

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