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I'm playing Skyrim in windowed mode and I am trying to create a bot for this game for personal use. I would like to have the bot play the game in the background, while I do other things, the only problem is that the game window pauses when it loses focus. Is there a way to make the Skyrim process think that it still has the focus, so it continues to run while I do something else on another window? I'm not a windows programming expert but would this be possible if I could somehow intercept the message that says unfocused or minimized to the process, and thus let the process think its still focused? I think Skyrim uses directx, so is it possible to come up with a solution from that end?

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Will I help you violate the EULA by writing a bot? No. If you want the bot to play the game for you, then perhaps you should consider if the game actually interests you at all. – DeadMG Apr 10 '12 at 15:27
@DeadMG - The game doesn't interest me whatsoever, I'm creating a bot for another purpose. And is there no way to do it without violating the EULA? – user836045 Apr 10 '12 at 15:29
I'm a bit confused... why is botting even relevant for a single player game? An MMORPG has a reasonable basis to deny botting, but I do not even understand the rationale behind preventing people from programming a bot for a single player game. – Myrddin Emrys Apr 10 '12 at 17:09
It's not our job to police EULAs. If you don't want to answer, that's fine, but the question seems reasonable to me. – Kylotan Apr 10 '12 at 21:08
An interesting question, I don't know the answer, but I'm curious as to what your intentions are :). – dcousens Apr 10 '12 at 21:46

Well the Eula doesn't really have any actual legal basis as long as you're not hurting anyone but yourself. And it is possible to do what you want, I don't know the specifics but basically you intercept the windows messages and have it ignore any kind of non focusing messages or just force it into thinking it's focused.

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