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I want to move the camera sideways (strafe). I had the following in mind, but it doesn't look like there are standard methods to achieve this in Libgdx.

If I want to move the camera sideways by x, I think I need to do the following:

  1. Create a Matrix4 mat
  2. Determine the orthogonal vector v between camera.direction and camera.up
  3. Translate mat by v*x
  4. Multiply camera.position by mat

Will this approach do what I think it does, and is it a good way to do it? And how can I do this in libgdx? I get "stuck" at step 2, as I have not found any standard method in Libgdx to calculate an orthogonal vector.

EDIT: I think I can use to find v. I'll try this approach tonight and see if it works.

EDIT2: I got it working and didn't need the matrix after all:

Vector3 right = camera.direction.cpy().crs(camera.up).nor();
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It'll do what you think it does. If you check the Camera class source code, you'll see that they're doing exactly what you suggest, plus they're normalizing the result:

93 final Vector3 right = new Vector3();
95 public void normalizeUp () {
96     right.set(direction).crs(up).nor();
97     (...)
98 }

The "standard" method of finding a vector orthogonal to two others is indeed to compute their cross product (in libgdx or anywhere).

There's an additional benefit of knowing this: if you're sure that normalizeUp() gets called in your case, you can just use camera.right directly, e.g.:

camera.position += camera.right * someFactor;
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Thanks, i got it working, i came to the same conclusion a few moments ago, that i didn't really need the matrix if i had the right vector. I have to create my own right though, as it is private field. I've updated my question with the code i'm using now. – Bubblewrap Apr 2 '12 at 17:19
Have you thought about using TweenEngine to move cameras? It can let you do some really cool effects with the camera. – Chuck D Apr 2 '12 at 17:22

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