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Does Java have a built-in Vector class suitable for handling collision detection / response? It should have methods like subtract(Vector v), normalize(), dotProduct(Vector v), ...

It seems logical to use java.awt.Rectangle and java.awt.Polygon to calculate collisions. Would I be right to use these classes for this purpose?

I understand collision detection; I'm only wondering what approach to it is idiomatic in Java. I'm new to the language and to application development in general.

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Just implement it yourself... That way you can only have methods that you need :) –  Savlon Jun 4 '14 at 10:39

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There is no built in math Vector class. You'll have to implement your own or use a library like JScience - its project page is here.

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You could implement Vectors in Java using Vecmath. Its documentation is located here.

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There is also a Vector3D class in Apache Commons Math.

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