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Just to get something straight; by "portal", I mean a website that frequently publishes a certain type of games, has a blog, some articles, maybe some tutorials and so on. All of these things are not required (except the game publishing part, of course), for example, I consider Miniclip to be a flash game portal. The reason for defining this term is because I'm not sure if other people use it in this context.

I recently (less than a year ago) got into HTML5 game development, nothing serious, just my own small projects that I didn't really show to a lot of people, and that certainly didn't end up somewhere on the web (although, I am planning to make a website for my next game). I am interested in the existence of an online portal where indie devs (or non-indie ones, doesn't really matter that much) can publish their own games, sort of like "by devs for devs", also a place where you can find some simple tutorials on basic HTML5 game development and so on... I doubt something like this exists for several reasons:

  1. You can't really commercialize an HTML5 game without a strong server-side and microtransactions
  2. The code can be easily copied
  3. HTML5 is simply new, and things need time to get their own portals somewhere...

If a thing like this does not exist, I think I might get into making one some day...

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Does not count? – thedaian Mar 8 '12 at 17:23
This is not a very constructive question. It only has a yes/no answer, and the answer is 'yes.' The asker could've found that out by searching either 'html5 games' or 'html5 game portal' - a portal shows up in the first result page for both. – doppelgreener Mar 9 '12 at 5:45

enter image description here

Although it only accepts HTML5 games made in Construct 2. Also other links you requested:



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