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I'm very new to this so please forgive the questions possibly ill-stated nature.

Firstly is this even a valid way to speedtest:

public function L1() {

        tree.x = 200;
        tree.y = 200;
        tree.healthPoints = 0;
        var myTimer:Timer = new Timer(100,60);
        addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, speedTest)

    function someFunction(event:TimerEvent) {
    public function speedTest (e:Event) {
        if (tree != null) {
            do { tree.healthPoints += 1; } 
            while (tree.healthPoints < 10000) ;
            tree.healthPoints = 0;
                trace (t);


Secondly: I want to actually speed-test the entire game somehow to check if adding new features or rewriting current features actually optimizes the game or not.

What are some ways to do this?

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That doesn't seem like a very useful way to do it IMO. Any profiling methods should introduce a consistent overhead, but relying on the callbacks may reduce accuracy.

Try using the Date class. Or better yet, a legit profiler like The Miner

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