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I've had this tutorial bookmarked for ages. I've just decided to give DX11 a real go, so I've gone through that tutorial, but I can't find where the next one in the series is!

There are no links from that page to either the next in the series, or back up to the table of contents that lists all of the tutorials. These are just companion tutorials to the samples that come with the SDK, but I find them very helpful.

Searching MSDN from google and the MSDN Bing search box has turned up nothing, it's like they've removed all links to these tutorials, but the pages are still there if you have the URLs. Unfortunately, MSDN URLs are akin to youtube URLs, so I can't just guess the URL of the next tutorial.

Anyone have any idea what happened to these tutorials, or how I can find the others?

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Of course, just as I post the question here, I finally find the page I'm looking for.

Here it is.

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They've probably moved because the DirectX SDK is now a part of the Windows SDK and no longer separate, see also… – Roy T. Feb 29 '12 at 12:08

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