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I'm having trouble drawing a particle effect between two actors in UDK - Both the source and the target are not static objects, so as far as I can tell I need to do it in the code not in kismet. Here's what I've got at the moment and it seems to not be doing anything at all. Ideas?

BeamEmitter[0] = new(self) class'UTParticleSystemComponent';
BeamEmitter[0].SetAbsolute(false, false, false);

BeamEmitter[0].bUpdateComponentInTick = true;
BeamEmitter[0].SetBeamEndPoint(2, tarPos);
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I dont know if I get your question correctly or not but may be you will find some useful information in these 2 links of udn for showing light beams.

Also you can find this article useful for "UDK Dynamic Lighting and Particle Effects"

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