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I am here again to ask how to implement these things on my rpg game...but before that, have you ever heard of the game engine called Legendary Tales? It is like Inform but there is a better GUI and class picking and stuff...I tried to mimic that style unto my rpg using java...although these problems came to me:

  1. Background Music - I need to at least let the gamers feel nice and relaxed...since it is a text rpg.

  2. Commands and Action Listeners

  3. Weapons and Armors - How can I make the armors add attributes and changes to the character's status and affect their battle status as well?

  4. Calculation of Damage, Critical Hit and Critical Hit Percentage.

I sent here a link of my UNFINISHED or STARTED demo of the game...there's nothing in it yet but do please study what you can do about it.


Download Unfinished trial here.

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What are you asking? – michael.bartnett Feb 20 '12 at 14:23

I looked at your profile for this site and it took me to your blog.

I noticed you posted a "Pythagorean Theorem Solver". Your answer will be closed on this site because it's a bad fit for QA sites. It needs to be more specific and not a plea for help.

This is my answer though: On a scale from 1 - 10

  • Pythagorean Theorem Solver = 1
  • RPG = 7

You need to create 2-6 which would include many object oriented projects with atleast 10 different classes before you can make an rpg. Once you do that and you come back to this site, you won't have such general questions like "how do I make my game", instead you will ask beneficial specific questions.

I made some assumptions since people generally blog about the harder stuff they are working on, the fact that you are blogging about very entry level programming stuff brought me to this conclusion. Not a bad thing, but you need to realize there is a long road to get where you're trying to be, you can't just jump there.

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