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When UV Mapping a polygon/texture, is there name that describes a single polygon on the texture.

Does this name differentiate if from the same geometry once it has been mapped to a face?

Would sometime like "UV Tile" or "UV Face" be clear?

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I haven't heard of such a naming because the UV(W) coords are contained in the polygon definition, and multiple polygons can overlap and share source areas on a texture so it would get real confusing real fast. – Patrick Hughes Feb 13 '12 at 22:42
In DirectX-terms it's "PositionTextured". – Jonathan Dickinson Feb 14 '12 at 18:49
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I'd say it's a "UV-mapped triangle" or "UV-mapped quad". Or simply a "polygon with UV coordinates". I guess it's also fine to just call it the same as the geometry.. eg. UVs of a triangle, quad or polygon. There are some names that are introduced in UV mapping, such as "patches", "shells" or "islands", which are all names for a group of connected UV coordinates though.

A polygon doesn't get a new name once it has been UV mapped, it just gets some additional UV coordinates. So it really isn't a "UV Tile".. generally you just talk about UVs (the "vertices") and "shells" or "islands" (connected UVs). If you select a polygon within UV editing, you just select and modify a bunch of UVs...

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