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I am making a game with WPF and C#, and I frequently am in need of artwork for it. Some things could be easily shared, such as explosion animations, exhaust plumes, etc. I was wondering if there are any good web sites for this? All I can find are tutorials and the infrequent sample, but I imagine there is a site out there that I am missing. I would also like to clarify that I am looking for pure vector based XAML snippets. I know there are a lot of sites out there for sprites and textures, but I am looking for XAML components that I can tweak.

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I don't know of any sites specifically for this, but the XAML icon pack that comes with VS2010 is a good starting point. See also: . These are not game related -- but considering how few WPF games there are out there, you gotta take what you can find.

Illustrator makes it very easy to export XAML (Inskscape also has a XAML export feature, but in my experience it's very buggy, borderline useless). There's also tools to convert Flash to XAML, if you have Flash and prefer that workflow. If you want to go 3D, there's a XAML exporter for Blender (probably other 3D packages have them too). And don't forget Blend (the trial lasts for a long time!).

Finally, there are also a lot of open-source WPF apps to check out. I'd guess 95% use bitmap rather than vector graphics (mainly because vector rendering will slow things down), but some might have XAML graphics. Also, the legality of this is questionable, but if you find a really cool effect in a closed-source app, you can use .NET reflector + BAML Viewer to check it out -- don't copy/paste it, but it can't hurt to look for a little inspiration.

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