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I am currently using Love2D as my game engine of choice and have come across the situation where I have had to retype out similar code over and over. In particular, if I want to add a new color to a project, I copy my old colors.lua file over, and add that new color to it. This can get tedious, and eventually, I may have many different colors that I don't actually need anymore.

So, I am considering making a color palette application, which allows me to visually select the colors I need, then write them to a colors.lua file. I want to make the project open source, so that someone cannot package my application and make money off it. However, I do not care if someone makes money through the use of the application (i.e. the colors.lua file).

Would something as strict as GPL bleed into those files? Do any copyright or copyleft licenses bleed into those files? If yes to both, what copyright/copyleft would allow me to do the above?

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First, it strikes me as extremely unusual that you need to retype a lot of code to "add a new color," I'm not sure you're explaining that clearly enough -- or you're just not doing that correctly. Second, there are other open-source licenses out there besides the GPL. Third, this is primarily a legal question and only tangentially related to game development, so it's a bit off-topic. – Josh Petrie Jan 28 '12 at 4:43
I tried to make it specific to Love2D (like it said before you edited that part), since the FAQ says don't ask big open questions. In Love2D, if you are using the built in primitives for your drawing, you change the color by using, with the arguments being a table of RGB(A) values. – mkosler Jan 28 '12 at 4:46
btw the answer is no, the GPL doesn't cover the content of generated files. – o0'. Jan 28 '12 at 11:56