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An OIS::Mouse is required to create a SdkTrayManager :

(Constructor in SdkTray.h)

SdkTrayManager(const Ogre::String& name, Ogre::RenderWindow* window, OIS::Mouse* mouse, SdkTrayListener* listener = 0) :

But it's only used in the refreshCursor method :

mCursor->setPosition(mMouse->getMouseState().X.abs, mMouse->getMouseState().Y.abs);

So, I wondered if there was a mean to only pass X.abs and Y.abs to the manager instead of a pointer

Any solution ? Inheritance ? Composition ?

Thanks for future answers :)

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If that's what SdkTrayManager uses, then that's what SdkTrayManager uses. There's no getting around it without actually modifying the code.

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