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I am creating a game in Android and eventually I am going to outsource the sound effects. I have a few place holder sounds for testing and I have noticed a problem. I have an OGG sound file which plays correctly through the emulator/headphones but when I put it on my phone it doesn't play. Putting my ear right up to the speaker I can hear a faint crackle.

So what are the requirements for a mobile sound file? Frequency, format, etc.

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Are you using or another library?

Core Media Supported formats:

Peter Drescher on implementing sound in Android games via FMOD:

He also did a presentation at the most recent AES convention in NY where he showed the equivalent implementation of FMOD vs Android for the Vector Pinball game, I don't know if he put his slides online though, can't find them anywhere.

Ogg vorbis should work fine though. Make sure you start with one encoded and formatted as a basic stereo or mono 44.1kHz Ogg Vorbis file.

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Using Thanks for this info – Christopher Jan 8 '12 at 10:05

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