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I need to record my wp7 game gameplay like on Hot Apps from channel 9

My current game is written on Silverlight, but I will have XNA games latter as well, so I need some solution which will work for both technologies. If there any free software? If yes is there any way to record video from real device, not emulator?

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CamStudio will allow you to record video from your computer for free. This is probably the best solution, since I don't know of any way to record video from a Windows Phone on the phone itself. Though you could point a camera at the phone and record things that way.

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Expression encoder can do what I need. I was thinking it will record mouse as well but I was wrong. Mouse recording can be desabled. – Samvel Siradeghyan Jan 6 '12 at 16:00

Have you considered looking into integrating replays into your game instead?

I posted this question a while back on StackOverflow a while back which garnered some good replies.


Replays have many more secondary benefits that span from debugging and testing, to demoing, to supporting casting for esports (for a phone game, not a big deal, I know).

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Fraps works really well for capturing the high frame rate in games

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