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I am new to Android COCOS2D and developing a simple game to start with. I am developing a game for kids in which the kids shall spell out the names of the fruits they select. I have developed the sprite sheet consisting of pictures of several fruits. Kindly tell me how will the fruit on which the kid taps will get selected. How are the x and y co-ordinates in the sprite sheet determined??

I shall be thankful in case anyone can help me out with this. Thanks in advance

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Depends on your spritesheet and how you'd like to refer to each sprite.

Horizontal Strip, Evenly Spaced


Coordinates for tile corresponding to position N:

X = N * TileWidth
Y = 0

Grid, Evenly Spaced, Single Index


Coordinates for tile corresponding to position N:

X = (N % Cols) * TileWidth
Y = floor(N / Cols) * TileHeight

In this example Cols equals 3.

Grid, Evenly Spaced, Double Index


Coordinates for tile corresponding to position NX and NY:

X = NX * TileWidth
Y = NY * TileHeight

Irregular Sprite Sheet

Store rectangle regions of each sprite in a seperate file. E.g.

0 0 30 60      // First sprite at (0,0) with size (30,60)
30 0 100 60    // Second sprite at (30,0) with size (100,60)
0 60 130 60    // Third sprite at (0,60) with size (130,60)
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Please explain the variable "N" denotes what..?? "N" is coordinates of tile or number of tile..?? Thanks – jubin Jan 4 '12 at 16:16
Number of tile, in the order specified on the "diagrams". – David Gouveia Jan 4 '12 at 16:29

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