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I've been googling a bit and looking for ios game frameworks. It looks like cocos2d has the mindshare, and it looks like it has an active community. It also fits my budget ($0.00), as this is really more for fun than anything else.

Are there other open source alternatives worth looking at?

To be a bit more specific on criteria, I'm interested in the following.

  • ios
  • open source
  • well used (i.e. used on more than a few games)
  • active community
  • should provide benefits over just doing it 'on your own'
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possible duplicate of Best game engine 2D for iOS – bummzack Dec 24 '11 at 9:17
Thanks for the link, I didn't find that while searching. That question did not provide much in the way of higher level criteria, and as a result ended up with a very long list of possibilities. I've edited my question and tried to provide better criteria. – Bill Dec 24 '11 at 14:18
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As far as I know, Cocos2D should fit your criteria very well. So it may well be a good idea to look into it a bit further, and only look for something else if you really dislike Cocos2D for any reason.

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