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I want to click on the particular sprite from the sprite sheet. For instance i have fruits sprite sheet i want to click on the particular fruit.

Thanks, Jubin Mehta

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A general solution would be:

  1. Get the cursor position.
  2. Transform the position into the tiles local coordinate space.

    pixelPositionX = cursorPositionX - (tilePositionInWorldX - screenPositionX)

    pixelPositionY = cursorPositionY - (tilePositionInWorldY - screenPositionY)

  3. Find out if the position is inside the tile.

    tilePositionOnSpritesheetX < pixelpositionX < tilePositionOnSpritesheetX + tileSizeX

    tilePositionOnSpritesheetY < pixelpositionY < tilePositionOnSpritesheetY + tileSizeY

  4. If it is, check if the alpha value of the pixel at that position is over a certain treshold.

Step 4 is optional, without it, you're checking against the tiles bounding rectangle, with it, clicking is pixel perfect.

Please note that all positions and sizes are assumed to be in pixels.

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Just found a related question that goes into the implementation details for cocos2d:… – sarahm Dec 21 '11 at 4:18

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