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Is there a plugin to integrate Face FX with Blender? I only see plugins for Maya, Max, SoftImage, and MotionBuilder on the Face FX website.

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Well, I haven't used FaceFX myself, but I do recall FaceFX uses Ogre for its editor/viewer (here is a forum post about it), and there is an excellent Ogre exporter for Blender available here (for versions 2.4.x I believe). So you could export from blender into Ogre's format, then load that into FaceFX. It's not a plugin or direct integration, but I suspect that's as good as it's going to get unless the FaceFX devs decide make a plugin (maybe contact them about it?).

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you can get facefx data out to fbx format, and it looks like you might be able to find an fbx importer for blender. that is probably your best bet.

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