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Does anyone know of a clearly written reference implementation of morphological antialiasing (MLAA)?

Intel provide a paper and reference implementation at the following address, but I find the code very opaque.

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Though this is a topic which can be applied in game development, I feel this question would be better suited at Stack Overflow. – Ricket Aug 3 '10 at 13:46

I don't know whether it's clearer than the original paper, but there is another implementation of the technique (or a variation on it) which I spotted in this year's Siggraph material.

As to whether or not you'd get a better answer over at the main site, I don't know - I'd say the majority of people interested in this technique are probably game devs...

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These guys have been promising to put some code up for a bit. So this doesn't quite answer your question, but it might be something worth tuning into later.

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