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I'm pretty interested in seeing demographic data as I find them good targeting tools. But other than the ESA reports (free) and NPD numbers (paid) does anyone know any other sources for such data?

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You might try for this type of question. I'm not sure this is exactly the right place for this question, but I also can't think of another Stack Exchange site to refer you to. – Ricket Aug 3 '10 at 13:57
Thanks for the reference will take a look. – Wight Aug 4 '10 at 1:22
Also quite interested in this. It's definitely game-dev relevant, as it feeds directly into design and product development decisions. Also it's very hard to get good information. IndieVision ( has done a lot of good work on trying to pull together numbers, but it's pretty tricky. – MrCranky Aug 6 '10 at 13:00
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Here is a website that has very interesting demographics regarding MMORPG's in the US.

This is from the same site but it has a bit more general data. Just keep clicking the small "Next Page" link at the bottom for more statistics including Good vs Evil, Choosing a Race, and etc.

Here is a slide show on demographics for teen and adult gameplay in 2009

This is another site that has demographic data on game developers which is useful for those developing an SDK or engine. You can also submit a survey to help improve these statistics.

If you are looking for specific demographics you could also try picking up the phone book and calling major players in the game development realm. For example, I am sure Microsoft will have no problem giving you demographics on its specific users. Hope this helps.

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Not free, but you might want to talk to EEDAR.

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These look pretty nice, though I'm not sure:
Free Demographics
US Census Bureau

EDIT: Also, free.

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