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I need to convert code from OpenGL to OpenGL ES 1.1, I found that the GLUT library is missing in that. Can anyone tell me what do I do to replace glRasterPos3f in OpenGL?

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What do you need glRasterPos3f for? Usually it's not reall needed; if you use it to render bitmaps such as letters, you will need to change your code so that it uses textured quads, for instance. – sam hocevar Dec 6 '11 at 9:15

You don't just convert from OpenGL to OpenGL ES, as OpenGL takes shortcuts which are not implemented in ES. As Sam points out, glRasterPos* for instance has no equivalent, because it is not very useful. I doubt glRasterPos3f() is the only function missing to port you project from GL to ES, and you won't find function-to-function replacements for most of them.

I'll advise you to learn what is OpenGL ES actually before starting anything. It is easily portable to OpenGL (the other way is NOT true), and will teach you some good habits (do not use glVertex*(), use object buffers, don't change states all the time, etc). But porting bare GL to ES ? Forget it.

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So how would you recommend porting an OpenGL game to iOs? A rewrite of the engine? – RSH1 Dec 7 '11 at 16:18

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