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In the Minecraft source code, this code is used to create a direction vector for a ray from pitch and yaw:'

float f1 = MathHelper.cos(-rotationYaw * 0.01745329F - 3.141593F);
float f3 = MathHelper.sin(-rotationYaw * 0.01745329F - 3.141593F);
float f5 = -MathHelper.cos(-rotationPitch * 0.01745329F);
float f7 = MathHelper.sin(-rotationPitch * 0.01745329F);
return Vec3D.createVector(f3 * f5, f7, f1 * f5);

I was wondering how it worked, and what is the constant 0.01745329F?

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It works by using spherical coordinates. In particular see the section about converting to Cartesian coordinates. The Wikipedia article uses a slightly different convention for the definitions of the angles than your code, resulting in some sin / cos factors being swapped, but it's the same idea.

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0.01745329F is the conversion rate between degrees and radians. Degrees are easier to understand but most mathematical functions need radians so this is a common conversion to perform. The -pi part just rotates the value further.

I'll let someone else address the trigonometry part. :)

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