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I've just finished programming a charming (albeit bare-bones) XNA version of arcade classic Tempest.


Given that this was a homework assignment, I'd like to be able to share it with my professor and my friends/classmates to solicit feedback.

(And let's be honest - if I have a question about how to add in an additional feature, it might be nice to be able to share it with folks on this site as well.)

Is there a better way of sharing an XNA game than by shuttling the visual studio - produced executable around? Some way to host it on a website would be ideal.

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ClickOnce is pretty much perfect for hosting it on a website, you'll get auto-update and dependencies installer for free. There's a few gotchas but, it seems to work ok to me.


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I'm on the PC, so this works wonderfully. – Raven Dreamer Nov 26 '11 at 0:03

Neither of those will work for Xbox 360 version of it, you have to upload it to creators club to share it or distribute the built XNA package.

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You could upload the executable to google docs and share it with them from there, depending on the size.

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I'd use ClickOnce as mentioned by Oskar - It works a treat. For really simple hosting and small scale distribution, I would get dropbox and drop it into your public folder and it. then all you need to do is pass the shortened link around to your friends/teacher etc.

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