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I've got 3 points in space that define a triangle. I've also got a vertex buffer made up of three vertices, that also represent a triangle that I will refer to as a "model".

How can I can I find the matrix M that will transform vertex in my buffer to those 3 points in space ?

For example, let's say my three points A, B, C are at locations:

A.x = 10, A.y = 16, A.z = 8
B.x = 12, B.y = 11, B.z = 1
C.x = 19, C.y = 12, C.z = 3

given these coordinates how can I build a matrix that will translate and rotate my model such that both triangles have the exact same world space ? That is, I want the first vertex in my triangle model to have the same coordinates as A, the second to have the same coordinates as B, and same goes for C.

nb: I'm using instanced rendering so I can't just give each vertex the same position as my 3 points. I have a set of three points defining a triangle, and only three vertices in my vertex buffer.

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Do the transformations algebraically with a matrix of unknowns, set the result equal to the desired result. This gives you a system of linear equations, solve it, now you have a plug in formula for making such a matrix.

For translating from the points A, B and C to F, G, and H you'll get:

Result image, in case the link breaks:

Way too big bunch of formula.

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Best answer ever? :) – Dan Nov 24 '11 at 21:53

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