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I am building a game for which I want to simulate certain rigid body dynamics.Could someone suggest me some engines which work on Ubuntu.Also as I have dont have much time to implement it,so it would be helpful if it is a easy one to work with. I have some across one namely ODE.Am looking for others which would help me simulate collisions and angular movements.

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You haven't specified your environment and/or language bindings.

For 2d scenario Box2d is a very elegant choice and it has a lot of language bindings. Its quite easy to use. You just need to hookup your billboard/model/image(s) with its physics object and see the magic happen.

I don't know much about ODE. But have some experience with Bullet.Bullet is faster then ODE. It also has a lot of advanced features i.e. OpenCl cloth simulation.

For closed source PhysX from Nvidia and Havok from Intel. They are also free for commercial use.(there are constrains)

There are others but, above mentioned are most famous. What you want is Rigid body collision and angular movement. Only these 2 feature, shouldn't be very hard or time consuming to integrate. Go through their documentations. Most of them has individual doc part where is explains how to integrate.

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well i am working on the NVidia GPU and am coding in opengl..would like to build my program on the ubuntu OS – noddy Nov 10 '11 at 12:19
well i think i would go with ODE for now, if that does not work then i would have to start with buller all over again – noddy Nov 10 '11 at 12:48

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