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Possible Duplicate:
What are some good game development programs for kids?

I want very easy game builder for a kid - somebody who knows nothing about programming games (how they work inside) and just wants to build some (I could teach him but I am not available all the time). She tried Adventure Maker and got confused. It has to be something very straightforward. Do You know about any? Thanks. :)

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Alice by Carnegie Mellon University, was built explicitly for teaching those with no knowledge of programming, how to construct apps, by visually building interactive environments and simple games. It's well-geared for kids from what I've seen. The interface is good and allows you to build simple 3D games with basic parameters, teaching you Java as you go -- but it leads one very gently into the coding aspect.

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Kodu, a visual game-making framework by Microsoft Research, was designed with kids in mind. It runs on an XBox 360 and uses a controller for input.

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