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I am working on a 3D simulator and looking now for a good graphic and physics engines.

The main comparison params should be the RAM and CPU usage taken by the engines as my simulator should be already taking a lot!

what I need from the engines is as follows: Graphic:

1) Basic 3D rendering, scene control etc...

2) Only cubical shapes are needed (everything will be made out of cubes)

3) Textures are not a must (color is though)

4) Opacity (I will want water for example)


1) Friction, gravity, mass (size is not a must).

2) Connecting the cubes to a body (preferably with strength value so I could make stronger and weaker connections)

3) Movement, falling, diving (in water effects) and everything needed to move around -basically

4) Collision detection

That is it, I don't need a high quality graphics engine. I need a basic graphic engine providing really basic features and a physics engine providing the option to walk on the ground, sink in the water, fly in the air and get stuck when hitting an object.

Taking as LOW RAM and CPU as possible!

Thanks =]

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