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On Xbox360 XHV2 is used for dealing with voice data, and XAudio2 is used for the low-level processing of that data. What is the XHV2 equivalent under Windows, assuming FMOD is used for the low-level audio processing? Previously DirectPlay.Voice was used to facilitate this.

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There isn't any standard feature built into Windows for this that I know of. There are libraries that will do it for you like RakVoice for example, although that's integrated with RakNet. I believe the Steam APIs also have it built in.

Unfortunately Fmod lists it's voice chat support as coming in a future version - see and click on "Enhanced Internet Features".

That means you'll probably have to do it manually:

  1. Record audio from a microphone.
  2. Optionally process the audio to improve voice clarity. Compress it for example.
  3. Encode it using a low bandwidth and low latency codec like SPEEX.
  4. Send it across the network.
  5. Decode it at the other end.
  6. Play it back.

Fmod obviously has APIs for steps 1 and 6. It also has audio codec support so it should help a bit with step 3 and 5. The main thing you need to do is step 4.

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Ohh, good call on RakNet. The code I'm looking at is using RakNet, but I didn't even realize that there was RakVoice. – Jim Buck Oct 19 '11 at 22:55

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