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Does anyone know when the source code for Doom 3 is to be released? I've heard a lot of things but nothing conclusive.


Edit any info is appreciated

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Unless there's someone from Id on the site any answer is going to be at best a guess. – ChrisF Jul 29 '10 at 14:36
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They are planning to GPL the id Tech 4 engine in 2011

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Quote from id's SDK website:

The Code is where all the real fun starts to happen. The Doom 3 SDK comes with pretty much half the source code for the game.

So the full source code hasn't been released yet, but some of it has.

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Doom 3 Downloads

Not sure if that's just modding stuff, or extensions, but it does say SDK 3 'Contains the game source code, expansion source code (Resurrection of Evil), maya importer source, vehicle demo, and sample Maya files'.

If that just means far enough to mod it, I do not know.

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