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I am a Windows Phone 7 developer from India. I want to set up the Payout option on the App Hub for the Paid apps I release.

What's the procedure? Do I have to physically mail the W-8 form to Microsoft? Any other things I should know about?

Can I release a paid app now and set up the payout later, in a month or so?

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It seems like this is something that should be answered by the App Hub FAQ – thedaian Oct 3 '11 at 11:11
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Your best bet is to ask on the App Hub forms.

I'm speaking from what i know about releasing xbox games.

You can release a paid app and set up the payout later. You'll get any amount earned so far in your first payout.

Yes, physically mail the W-8 form.

For any other things to know, search the forums at

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