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I am searching for 3D artists for a 3D iPad game. Is there a good place in the net, where I could find one? He or she should have created game models before.

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If you're on a low budget and can't afford to pay for an artist, before you even begin to search for someone willing to work for free you have to make sure you have a playable demo first, or even most of the game done using programmers art and placeholders. This will greatly increase the chances you'll find someone willing to collaborate with you. – pt2ph8 Sep 16 '11 at 10:59

Depending on your budget, you could try contacting professional 3D artists at sites dedicated to 3D art. Two big ones are:

There's also a "Renderotica" for more naughty stuff, but I'm not going to link it here ...

A cheaper variant could be looking through modding sites for games for both art and artists. Two I can recommend are:

Finally, you can always look for nice objects at Google's 3D Warehouse and contacting the artists of the models you like.

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You can also try You can always find good freelance artists there looking for jobs.

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I am working on an Android 2D game that uses 3D model animation frames for its animation (i.e. I'm not manipulating 3D models in real-time, just playing back previously captured frames).

I found a lot of my 3D models on, many of which were free and a handful I payed maybe $25 to $35 dollars for.

Depending on what kind of stuff you are looking for, there are a ton of free and low priced art already available.

Good Luck

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