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Where can I find fonts (preferably free, but a reasonable fee is acceptable) that I can use in my for-pay/commericial game?

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You can find many free and cheap fonts on MyFonts.com, including the Larabie Font Collection (many of which are free for commercial use)

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+1 for MyFonts because they have a "what languages does this font support" search feature. –  Tetrad Aug 2 '10 at 19:00

Two good places to find free fonts are Font Squirrel and The League of Moveable Type.

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I always head to dafont.com, although the range is similar to Font Squirrel and MyFonts.

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If you're building a web game, Google has provided free fonts here: http://code.google.com/webfonts This is a great service for web developers, because web licenses for fonts can be a gray area. They have only a small fraction of the fonts you can find on sites like others have suggested, however.

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As far as I can tell these XNA fonts from Microsoft are free to use (released under the MS-PL):

Redistributable Font Pack

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Fonts from Canada Type have a reasonable license, and I plan on using at least one of theirs in my next iPhone game.

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We have font tiles available to buy for a small fee: http://www.indiegamedesigner.com/product-category/all-graphics/font-tiles/

Might be useful to some of you.

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This question is about fonts and font tiles don't really count, so I'm downvoting. –  doppelgreener Sep 23 '12 at 11:34

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