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I tried the sidescrolling camera from http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/CameraTechnicalGuide.html#Example%20Side-Scrolling%20Camera but there are some warnings


when parsing the scripts and also the eidot says when running the pie mode and all i get is:

Engine.GameMessage.Failed Spawn Message

also looked at some tutorials in youtube for sidescrolling in UDK, but i have always the same issues.

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should i create a new account there on the forums and ask my question there? i hoped i get here also fast a solution to my problem. –  Daniel Ruf Aug 14 '11 at 18:36

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I know this is an old question that was recently bumped, but for those people searching for a similar error to that of the original question, hopefully I can be of use.

From the warnings that you're getting while compiling your scripts, it seems like you aren't able to spawn because the game doesn't know PlayerController to spawn because you specified a class that doesn't exist.

The UDNPlayerController class doesn't exist with a clean installation of the UDK (at least not the August 2011 version) so you'll have to make it yourself. And since you specified it to be UTGame.UDNPlayerController, the UDNPlayerController.uc file must be in side the UTGame\classes folder.

Hope this helps you and whoever else may stumble upon this in the future.

On a side note, it's definitely advisable to start a separate code base so you don't have to recompile all of UTGame every single time you go to compile your scripts, you can find tutorials in the UDN documentation. Cheers!

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I would try using the Kismet in order to control the camera function, maybe that way you can use the engine in order to control the camera instead of programatically.


  1. In your game add a CameraActor object
  2. In the Kismet, add an event -level startup
  3. Then connect that to Actor->AttachToActor
  4. Add a new variable -> Player and set it aside so that your Kismet can use it for reference(cleaner)
  5. Change the VarName to "Player" and uncheck all players
  6. Create a NamedVariable and type in the find Variable "Player" and connect this to the target of the attachtoactor function. (Green check mark for finding the player will take place of the big red 'x')
  7. Then using the "Attach" part of the attachtoactor function, use your camera object.
  8. In the attachtoactor function, in the properties, enable "UseRelativeOffset" and "UseRelativeRotation"
  9. This is where you are going to have to play around until you get what you like, the relative offset has values that will have distance from the player, the rotation is where you want the camera positioned, (ie -90 for pitch to get a topdown, sorry I haven't messed with platformers.)
  10. Finally add a set camera target and connect that to the "out" for the attachtoactor function, copy and paste the the two objects that the attachtoactor was connected to in the same place and you should have it working.
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