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I was wondering what kind of roles do exist for a game project. I know you can be a programmer, a designer, tester etc.
But I'd like to know all of them, and what activities are in charge of each one. If possible, also I'd like to see some web resources for each one as an entry point to the game industry.

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EA covers it pretty well ->

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That list is a solid starting point. They are a bit light on the roles for design though. As projects continue to expand in complexity, the design field has begun to splinter into a number of specialized rolls just like art/programming. Design now spans a range that includes writing/story development, system design, level design, and scripting. Although designers are often forces to wear more hats and hop between these fields. Particularly on smaller teams. – wkerslake Jul 14 '10 at 22:43

Here's an article which has a pretty good rundown of the various roles, with a link to a PDF containing a more exhaustive list.

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