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Are there any open source games using Flashpunk? The other big flash game library Flixel has a number of example projects, are there any equivalents for Flashpunk?

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You can check out The tutorials are a little old now, but should give you somewhere to start.

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Thanks, but unfortunately this stuff seems seriously out of date. It looks like they have restructured a lot of the library since this has been written. – James McMahon Jul 17 '11 at 15:34

For the last Ludum Dare competition there were some games that used FlashPunk:

  • #1 Flee Buster - Chevy Ray (creator of FlashPunk)
  • #7 McPixel - Sos
  • #8 Hollow - Connor Ullman
  • #27 Reach For It - Noel Berry

Once you start browsing the FlashPunk forums, these names will become familiar. Oh yeah, the forums have tutorials too.

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I am probably resurrecting a very old topic, but I open-sourced a small platformer game I made for an artist on Flash Game License. The game didn't sell (as I never thought it would) but I made it for the learning experience.

Take a look here:

Be forewarned though, the code is pretty ugly in spots, as I threw it together in a matter of days with no concern for code quality. Enjoy!

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Here are some open source resources that I've found so far.

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