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I want to know if it would be worth executing pathfinding on the GPU (using nVidia's CUDA, or an equivalent) in certain situations, or whether it would be a wasted effort. The situation I imagine would be a headless multiplayer server responsible for finding paths for bots.

I'm specifically interested in A* pathfinding using navigation meshes, but if there is another pathfinding algorithm that would benefit more from GPU execution I'd love to hear it.

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Path finding is essentially a graph problem, in which a lot of parallelism takes place. There are a lot of papers out there on how to implement and optimize graph based algorithms for CUDA.

I found some papers that might interest you (although these are quite academic):

So short answer: yes :).

However I don't know if the hassle of writing an A* CUDA implementation together with the overhead of calls to a headless server is going to make this worthwile. Be sure to just make a small prototype first! (Also this would make for an interesting blog post, so be sure to write up what you're doing ;) ).

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Those are fantastic references, thanks! I can handle some academic information now and again. I don't have a game in mind for using this yet, but I like the idea of prototyping it. I'll be sure to document my progress. – Keeblebrox Jun 13 '11 at 17:30
Awesome, I'm very curious to how it will work. – Roy T. Jun 13 '11 at 18:16

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