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Can anybody guide me about where can I get the basic starter tutorials for developing using XNA framework?

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So many answers here for XNA 3.0, not 4.0 – Loren Pechtel Dec 4 '10 at 1:28
The OP never specified a version. And the topic is 'XNA', not 'XNA 4'. – The Communist Duck Dec 13 '10 at 18:38

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(Silly that I can only post one link as a "new user")

If you haven't already looked through it, the XNA Creator's Club has quite a bit of resources:

Also, the first result when you search Google for "xna shader tutorials" has links to some great tutorials to learn Shader programming for XNA.

First result when you search Google for "xna development site" has a few tutorials in their Tutorial tab.

Good luck! (Sorry again for the lack of links.)

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I grew up with - very nice tutorial site covering everything form basics (drawing Your first triangle) to advanced techniques (HLSL). In every tutorial You create a cool application, like a flight simulator for example.

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These tutorials are very good, they don't focus too much on C# details and instead focus on the more important game-development aspects. Good for people who already know C#. – Oak Aug 2 '10 at 13:43
+1. Some parts could be handled better but overall an excellent learning resource. Very informative, packed full of interesting information. – Rushyo Sep 7 '10 at 11:00

And here's a long list of blogs and sites related to XNA:

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I have found the videos at 3D Buzz to be of very high quality.

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I really highly recommend digging through How To Make A Game (For Free In XNA) by Doolwind. Excellent read with terrific links :)

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I found XNA Development: Tutorials for the masses to be absolutely great. It covers basic things well - sprites, moving them, firing things, scrolling backgrounds, and comes with full source. The other material, on game states and other bits, are equally good.

The other thing I found useful, but definitely at a slightly more advanced level, is Nick Gravelyn's tutorial for Alien Aggressors. It's a full featuring Space Invaders/Galaga clone. I cannot find it, since his site's been taken down. But it was in pdf form and a great read if anyone can find.

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I found a blog on one of Microsofts sites to be quite useful

Helped me start developing a 2D game.

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There’s a 2D tile-based RPG tutorial for XNA4 out there. Seems the guy always keeps it up to date, so there might also be a version for future versions of XNA.

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