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I'm researching game development, and I know that there are two options for asset creation: create them yourself, or outsource the assets(by getting them custom made, or finding them on sites such as the unity asset store).

What are some other main sources of assets, such as websites for contracting, royalty free asset libraries, or other asset stores?

As an extra, what are some other methods of getting assets if there are any other methods at all?

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possible duplicate of Where can I find free sprites and images? – The Communist Duck May 18 '11 at 16:49
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Quite a few topics handling (free) assests already:

Only covers part of the question, but I'm sure it's usefull.

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I'll accept this one as it has the most votes, but all the answers combined are good. If any more answers get added, that will be nice... but I have some useful information from this. Thanks all. – Blue May 25 '11 at 6:31

sites like might be useful for some UI assets, especially for mobile games

For people developing with Unity, they have their own asset store which includes models, scripts, and a ton of other resources: Unity Asset store

Some sites like have people offering services for a virtual bartering-facilitating currency.

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I recently was looking for a programmer for a game project and stumbled upon Kongregate's collaboration forum. Seems like it's flooded with artists and musicians. I'm sure you could find someone to work with there.

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There are many 3D game assets you can purchase on-line such as turbo squid or unity store

For 2D game assets it is a bit hard to come by, you either have to outsource them or you can purchase some common game assets from Super Game Asset Store, there's icons and environment props, you can use for a variety of games.

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